What is WSOP?

WSOP, or better known as World Series of Poker is a poker tournament held annually for professional players. It’s a popular tournament among poker players and players in general in the industry. Every year, new players attempt to challenge this renowned tournament in hopes of emerging victorious.

Since then, numerous professional poker players have started emerging from WSOP, and people are paying more attention to these new players, which allowed them to gradually gain fame.

There is a great deal of prize money in the tournament. These are initially allocated to various events. But the winners are not the only ones getting a share of the prize money, and the lower ranks also receive a substantial amount of prize money. In general, about one-tenth of the participants collect minimum purchases or more. Of course, in the main event, the winner takes centre stage and thus gets the highest amount. The 2006 winner, Jamie Gold, won, for example, $12 million. Another important element of the WSOP is the German bracelet. Since 1976, these have been distributed in addition to the prize money. In each tournament, not just the main event, each winner receives such a bracelet. These prizes are now valuable ornaments. Since 2007, all bracelets have been made by jeweller Corium. The major tournament of the year was produced in 56 different varieties. Composed of up to 120 diamonds, the bracelet has up to 30 values. A thousand dollars.

If you’d like to try participating in the next WSOP, you could start by going to any online poker sites or casinos to practise before playing in an actual poker game. Some online casinos offer a free play mode where players will get to practice without depositing actual money into their accounts. This will allow players to practice in a low risk environment to try out different strategies and tactics before using it in an actual poker game.

What’s new in WSOP 2019?

WSOP 2019 is closed, and the actual tournament schedule has already been finalized. There will be a total of 20 events, and you can purchase them from at least 10 events. It’s a thousand dollars. There are several new things like last year at major events in 2019. The special event is the “Brathlet Winners Only” tournament.

If you’d like to participate in the next WSOP, keep a lookout on WSOP’s website and register before the closing date.

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